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Clinical Supervision


Supporting your clients through Supervision

The role of Supervision is to support Counsellor’s in their client work by focusing upon and discussing their  clients issues and concerns. A Supervisor will take a ‘helicopter’ view of the each client situation and provide fresh insights by being able to see the ‘full landscape’ and by zooming in  on certain matters in more detail. The role of a  Supervisor is to support their Counsellor’s to navigate through difficult client situations. The ‘golden rule’ when asked whar one should take to supervision is ‘anything you feel worried about telling your Supervisor’, for instance a concern or worry about a boundary issue.

Maureen has been practicing as a Supervisor since 2015 and is qualified to level 4 diploma level.

She is a very experienced in supervision in working with children and adolescents and within schools environments, as well as working with adults.